Hello, my name is Amy

Portrait of Amy Morawa Murphy

I am a collaborator, creator, and human-centered product designer, this is my portfolio.

I began practicing Experience design in the early 2000s with a passion for digital design and how humans interact with the world around them. My interests migrated from marketing with an eye toward personas and brand building, to product design by way of a process for understanding, ideating, and building what people want.

With over 15 years of experience, I create better products and services for the human resources industry and its customers. Working with diverse teams, we improve how business gets done through understanding problems, well-researched strategies, scenario-based prototypes, designing for positive outcomes, and a more desirable product experience.

When not at work

Pillars of ice each in an individual color

Every year in Fraser, Colorado since 2016, I create public art which humans can interact with, and that is completely detached from technology.