Ice Experiments

Every year in Fraser, Colorado since 2016, I create public art which humans can interact with, and is an exercise in the impermanence of things.
2017: Milk cartons, food coloring and water,
create experiments of light and color.
The weather is a player,
as well as snow banks to build on.
Crawl inside of these universes of color,

and become a living kaleidoscope.
2018: Reflecting the surrounding landscape.
Becoming part of the landscape.
Excavated from the snow.

2019: The colors are intoxicating,
—  like paint chip supply strips  —
that people can walk among.
2020: Or be wrapped in a Fibonacci spiral.
A space to be alone,
with the blue sky.
When filled with light, the Golden Mean.
As the experiments melt,
they take on a skeletal quality, and die.
2021: Numbers & nature. Nature & numbers.
A binary sequence.
110011 = 51. Born in 1970, I turned 51.
2022: This almost didn't happen.
A balanced,
and motley patchwork.