Compensation Survey Software

Senior UX Designer, 2014-2016

Willis Towers Watson (WTW) is a global advisory, broking, and solutions company that provides products and services to clients to help them manage risk, cultivate talent, and optimize benefits while protecting institutions and individuals' privacy. Known for their compensation data, clients hire WTW consultants to compile compensation data from larger data sets to create individual surveys such as, US compensation percentiles and Financial service technologists. WTW wanted to explore a solution where customers could do self-serve compensation surveys instead of relying on WTW consultants.

Goal: Provide customers a way to find, select, compile and pay only for the survey data they need.

Why do organizations need compensation data?

Employers are challenged to get compensation and benefits correct to help compete for the right talent and simultaneously maximize return on investment.

Talent is in short supply, employees’ value. It’s also important for employees’ to understand the HR environment, culture, and local practices.

Insights enable HR professionals to keep pace with rapidly shifting talent markets and new ways of working with critical skills, contingent workers, and automation.


Dice Private email, Double Diamond Process

Double Diamond Process

Solution Components

Survey Leader software persona
Compensation Survey persona, Survey Leader
Survey Leader software journeymap
Survey Leader journey map
Technical entity visualization
Database Technical Entity visualization
Survey Leaders survey portal
Survey Leaders Compensation Survey portal
Lo-Fi prototype:
Survey Leaders data cut list
Survey Leader data cut list
Lo-Fi prototype:
Data cut Survey summary
Data cut Survey summary


Self Service

This software brings together the world's largest normative benchmark database on compensation and clients ability to get the data they want, when they want it, and at the right price point. The result is a fast, efficient, cost-effective way to gather data for workforces, HR teams, leaders, and managers.

Data on-demand

No more queueing up and waiting for consultant services to create a compensation survey that may require revisions to meet needs or budget. This software relieves the bottleneck of consulting services and allows the customer to compile their survey, control their timeline and bottom line.

Increased ROI

Employers are challenged to get compensation and benefits right, modernize employers' total rewards programs, and simultaneously maximize return on investment. With this software customers can access and select the data they need, and only pay for what they need, while free of expensive consulting services.

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