Dice Private Email

Lead UX Designer, 2017-2020

Dice, a leading career hub for technology professionals, released Dice Private Email, an anonymous email address solution for candidates and clients. Prioritizing privacy and trust, Dice Private Email automatically hides each candidates' email address when they make their profile visible to recruiters, delivering next-level privacy protections and ensuring the most relevant communications between technologists and employers.

Goal: To connect the best quality tech talent with the most relevant client opportunities.
Dice Private email, Profile set to Visible


The Dice brand could not effectively offer candidates additional services with a lack of consumer trust. The business committed to getting rid of bad-actors and focus on attracting and protecting top quality candidates for our clients.

“I fear what would happen to my information and how long it would circulate."

— Technology Specialist

Guerilla Research participant sharing thoughts on the Dice brand.
“I came to do one thing, find the right candidate as quickly as possible.”

— Recruiter Client

Recruiter Journey Map, how do you find the right candidate?
“Dice is committed to providing the best experience for technologists. Now candidates can select which opportunities they wish to respond to and provide feedback for clients regarding relevancy.”

— Christian Dwyer, Chief Product Officer for Dice


Dice Private email, Double Diamond Process

Dice Private email, Double Diamond Process

Solution Components

Profile Visibility

Profile mobile web reminder to make profile Visible overlay

When candidates make their profiles visible, their emails will be automatically anonymized.

Email Privacy

Profile iOS profile set to Visible toggle

Technologists choose which platform they wish to communicate on and when to share their email address with recruiters.

Candiate Feedback

Dice Private email, proxy email with feedback opportunity

Over time, feedback refines opportunities seen. It is also shared with clients, along with metrics that detail how successful messages are at attracting talent.


Easily Connect

Messages can be sent, read or replied to the same way but technologists can choose when to share their email address with recruiters. As of Apr 2020 conversion rates for new candidates registering and becoming Visible to clients in TalentSearch increased 10%.

Measurable Results

Increased the satisfaction of both candidates and clients. Direct feedback from technologists and detailed email metrics allow recruiters to improve their open rate to 30% (avg. approx.15-25%).

Improve Message Relevance

Decreased the number of complaints about recruiter spam and the number of candidate deleting their profile. Technologists can unsubscribe from messages and provide specific feedback about what wasn't relevant. Over time, this helps them receive the most pertinent opportunities.

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